Pastors' Declaration on Border Security and Immigration Reform
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Declaration Objectives

Our objectives for the creation of this declaration are threefold as follows:

  1. To produce a concise, brief statement of principles we believe to be strong on accountability, personal responsibility and the rule of law; acknowledging our collective part of allowing our government to be dysfunctional; and finally promoting a just and humane remedy for some who are here illegally.
  2. To empower pastors of every church size, background and affiliation who are orthodox in the Christian faith to have a voice in this vital debate and to reach critical mass in bringing that voice to both the public and those serving us in legislative offices.
  3. To apply committed influence to state legislators, U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators and the President to facilitate rapid and efficient implementation of these principles in the order of steps listed in the declaration.

To carry out these objectives we are planning a number of steps toward communicating the declaration to every pastoral network we can reach, to assist local teams of pastors in organizing to speak collectively to the elected officials in their area, as well as to schedule Border Security/Immigration Reform summits for pastors in as many key cities as manpower and resources allow.  

We are developing a template event plan for these summits with Houston, Texas serving as the model.  Topics/speakers will include:

·        Constitutional scholars

·        Immigration attorneys

·        Local, state and federal law enforcement (including border sheriffs)

·        State and federal legislators

·        Governor and/or state Attorney General

·        Pastors representing specific expertise, key involvement and/or major ethnic groups

·        Testimonials on all three declaration points

·        Action steps for pastors and community leaders

Additional information will be posted as it is confirmed.  For any questions or more information please email us at or call 832-688-9166.

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